Upper Hutt will benefit tremendously from Government’s plans to transform recycling for New Zealand communities, says Upper Hutt City Councillor Angela McLeod. 

The Government announced new proposals yesterday to improve kerbside recycling, incentivise people to return their empty drink containers, and separate food scraps from general business waste.  

“Standardising recycling across the country, dealing with food waste and putting in place a container return scheme for beverages are really great initiatives that every community needs,” says McLeod. 

“Upper Hutt should jump right on board with these proposals that will ensure consistent recycling practices across the country.” 

McLeod says there’s no need to re-invent wheels. 

She says there are plenty of innovative solutions in New Zealand and around the world that could be implemented in Upper Hutt. 

“These innovative solutions are an opportunity to make it easy for residents to recycle and get on board with the circular economy where everyone benefits, including the environment.  

“It is time to transform recycling in Upper Hutt – it is good for the planet and good for business.”