Key Issues

Effective and Actionable

It’s time to focus on the key issues facing our community. With my leadership we can make progress on making our community safer, improving our roading network, and addressing water quality and services. We can also have a more open dialogue about how we balance the development of our city with the perseveration of our environment and rural areas. It’s time for change.

It’s Time For A Vibrant, Caring and Safe Community

Its time our community was safe:

Every member of our growing community deserves to feel safe and to be able to access the services they need. For years I have been advocating for the Upper Hutt Police Station to be reinstated. As Mayor I will continue that advocacy and work with police, central government, Māori wardens and Community Patrols to achieve the community safety Upper Hutt needs.


It’s Time For Better Water

The state of Upper Hutt’s water infrastructure is not acceptable. We used to have one of the best maintenance programmes in the country, now that Wellington Water is contracted to manage our three waters, sadly that is no longer the case. Everyone in our community deserves access to clean and safe drinking water and I think the best way to manage that is having local teams dedicated to Upper Hutt.   As we become increasingly vulnerable to droughts and water shortages, we fall short of our obligation as kaitiaki of our precious water every time a leak goes unattended for day, weeks and even months.  Now is the time to go back to local.

It’s Time For Better Leadership

I believe that the community deserves good governance. This means that we can all have confidence in not only the decisions that are made, but also that there’s been a fair, open and transparent process to get to decisions that are good for our community. It is not ok for decisions to be made in back-room conversations or in ways that avoid public discussion and participation. As an elected representative in this community, I feel the weight of responsibility to engage with people from across the community, business leaders as well as community groups, advocates and our young people.  We have an obligation to avoid conflicts of interest and perceptions of ‘done deals’ before proper process has been followed. It is the very least our community can expect from us. I am so passionate about good governance that I pledge to uphold the principles of transparency, integrity, accountability and open engagement. With these principles at the core of my leadership I believe that Upper Hutt can rise to meet our challenges and evolve into a modern, vibrant city.

It’s Time For A Sustainable, Circular Economy

I promise to work on an economic development strategy for all – something that encourages investment and businesses to be sustainable.

It’s Time To Empower Youth

The youth are our future and we ignore that at our peril.  They will inherit what we leave them and I promise to ensure that all council decisions include an impact analysis on our future. Our youth entrust us to make the right decisions and to aid us in doing that I will ensure that we have a Youth Council and engage with youth on a regular basis, through schools, youth groups and where they meet.


It’s Time To Care For The Environment

Te Awa Kairangi and her tributaries are the centre of our being.  I promise to put an environment lens over every decision.  This is not to say that the economy is not important, it is vital.  However, we are not going to have a local economy if we don’t take care of our environment.  It is a challenge to get it right, however, it is a must – our rivers, aquifers, and land depend on it.

It’s Time For Better Health And Wellbeing

Upper Hutt is a hive of activity with new developments like the Maidstone Community Sport Hub, the NZ Campus of Innovation and Sport, Blue Mountains Campus, Lane Street Studios and the various new residential areas being built. With all excitement about new developments, we need to make sure that we welcome new visitors and residents. It is important that we celebrate our whānau, heritage, and culture as the caring, safe, and healthy community we aspire to be. I see our community aspirations to be caring, safe and healthy as interconnected people from all walks of life. A healthy community is one that has access to well-resourced health care including an after-hours clinic, a safe and accessible hospital, and specialist services like maternity care. It’s time we started to ensure our growing community receives the level of health services we deserve. Needing urgent care is stressful enough-each of us deserves to have confidence that the services we need are there when we need them. Feeling that we are cared for and that we are safe and healthy are fundamental human rights


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